Terms and conditions

The Terms and conditions OR Terms of Use are the standards that are assumed to be obeyed by those who are viewing the website or performing purchases from here. It is necessary that one has to accept all the comments presented below. This immediately explains that those who do not wish to follow the rules have to abstain from visiting. These terms may improve at times with no prior notice, and so, it is deeply encouraged to go through this segment on a regular basis if you are a regular customer.

We do not recommend this site for minors, with that we mean individuals under 18 years of age, we recommend being overseen by their parents or guardians. The website will not be liable for anything that goes beyond the rules and regulations. Furthermore, we encourage our consumers to take note of their country's import laws contemplating a purchase, import and export. This overcomes the chance for delays or returns.

We strive our fullest to present you with the correct and precise information, for example, the graphics, price and details of the products, still, there may tiny errors rarely, we will improve it as soon as we notice. We advise our guests also to help us to detect any such mistakes on the site.

We receive reviews and remarks about our products on our site and in third-party sites. The reviews which receives are solely based on personal judgments. That can be positive or negative. Third party reviews whose legitimacy cannot be guaranteed by us. We hold full right to edit a comment in our website in order to maintain the quality OR fully erase any mention in case we find out that it has/had evil intentions. The actions we take are usually conducted without advance warnings.

We value you and your data and take adequate steps to maintain security. We keep strict standards in our security measures. We do not send, share or disseminate any of the personal details of our customers to any other parties with whom we have no relationship without their own permission; whether it is their Name, Address, Email, Phone number OR credit card's details. Neither do we permit anyone to copy, send, share, or distribute our site's intellectual assets (included, yet not limited) such as trademark, logo, or graphical illustration, etc.; whose opposition may lead to severe results.

The site is authorized to cancel any user's account if it finds that the individual has caused something which is against our already existing protocols and that would be done without any notice. Once removed, that particular user cannot take any further steps including visits. If there is any purchase being made, that would be canceled immediately followed by money returns.

Our communications with our customers' are using the email address that is given by our users. The emails are there to provide relevant details like acknowledgment related to products' purchasing, dispatch, tracking ID, delivery issues that might find in between, and more. We also send special newsletters, new launches, updated price, appealing offers, etc. via email itself.

You may reach us anytime in case of any uncertainties or concerns. Following is the postal address where you can contact us.